Or: a short retelling of my arrival to SXSW in the midst of Silicon Valley Bank's financial collapse
Join me in the creative process of preparing for my first trip and speaking opportunity at SXSW '23
Or March 7, 2023 - Part II, "Seriously, but Lightly"
Daily Read: Dorothy Day, Brick by Brick“One of the greatest evils of the day among those outside of prison is their sense of futility. Young people say, ‘What good can one person do? …
Episode 1: In which I ask my friend Jenn to keep our conversation going, hopefully forever?Listen now (2 min) | Jenn and family lived in Columbia, SC for a month. It changed my life. I miss them already. So let's keep the conversation going…
"What is this Substack anyhow?" I ask myself today while zoning out at a red light on Harden St., in Columbia, South Carolina. Or: "Seriously, but…
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JJH Works
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